Why do some people’s ears become “oily”? Is it an unhealthy sign?

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The importance of ears to the human body is self-evident. Without ears, we would not be able to communicate with others normally. Without ears, we would not be able to listen to the beautiful sounds in nature. Of course, ears will also affect people's facial features to a certain extent, so that the entire face of the human body will not look abnormal. However, because everyone's physical condition is different, some people always feel that their ears are oily and have some secretions. Many people think that there is something wrong with their ears. In fact, this is caused by oily ears.

Why do some people’s ears become “oily”? Is it an unhealthy sign?
The earwax present in the ears is medically called cerumen. There are abnormally abundant sebaceous glands distributed in the external auditory canal of the ear, which regularly secrete some light yellow liquid. This liquid is actually the original source of earwax.
During the process of forming earwax, these light yellow liquids undergo a differentiation process. If the amount of secretion is relatively small and the ear canal is relatively dry, the water in the earwax will gradually evaporate, forming dry earwax, which is easy to fall off freely. This type of ear is what we often call "chaff ears".
On the contrary, if the earwax secretion is very large and the water cannot be evaporated in time, it will appear greasy. If some foreign matter or bacteria present in the ear canal accumulates, it will resemble oily earwax and be difficult to fall out automatically. It is often necessary to take the initiative to pick out the ears, and the earwax pulled out will appear to be "oily", which is what people often call "greasy ears".

It can be seen that bran ear and oily ear are not signs of unhealthy health, but are just different differences in the formation process of earwax. Whether it is oily ears or bran ears, the presence of earwax is good for the health of the ears. When taking a shower, water flows into the ears, but the hearing is not damaged, but the earwax absorbs the water. When a loud noise suddenly occurs outside, the hearing is not affected. It is also the earwax that has a buffering effect, which prevents the ears from being damaged. Suffering huge vibrations, affecting hearing.

Relatively speaking, it is more troublesome for people with oily ears. They need to have their ears cleaned every other month or so. Otherwise, the earwax cannot come out of the ears, and the blockage will last for a long time and accumulate in a large amount, which will affect hearing and even the health of the ears. Other than that, not much. As for the relationship between oily ears and body odor, it is worth knowing.

What should I do if there is too much earwax? How to clean oily ears?

Everyone is a layman, so everyone cannot avoid the interference of earwax. Whether you have dry ears or oily ears, it is normal to have some earwax. Unless there are symptoms, there is generally no need to deal with it. . In life, there are many cases where someone is hit while picking out their ears, which usually results in varying degrees of hearing loss.In severe cases, it may even be difficult to recover. But if earwax blocks the ear canal, you may experience symptoms such as hearing loss, and you should pay more attention at this time.

When cleaning oily ears, it is recommended that you use sterilized cotton swabs to clean the ears regularly. During the cleaning process, you can pull the auricle back, and then gently wipe the secretions in the ear canal. However, when wiping, be careful not to put the cotton swab deep into the ear canal to prevent damage to the skin of the ear canal. , which is very detrimental to the health of the ears. The purpose of this is to prevent the ear canal from being too moist and to prevent the oily material flowing out of the ear from remaining in the ear for a long time, because that will easily cause infection.

In short, everyone has earwax. Unless necessary, it is recommended that you do not pick out your ears casually. You should know that the human body's ears have the ability to clean themselves. Often earwax will fall off on its own when we chew. Oily ears easily adhere to the ear canal and may also shed oil. At this time, you only need to use disinfectant Just wipe it gently with a poisonous cotton swab to prevent damage to the skin of the ear canal. This behavior can protect the health of the ears.